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School Ministries’ leadership believes Bible study and prayer are just too important to be removed from the education of students and will play a pivotal role in reclaiming the vitality of Christianity in America.

This is why we have created Vision 200. Vision 200 is a missional fund raising strategy to partner with churches and Christians to reach America’s Public School Youth for Christ.

In Vision 200, we are looking for 200 churches, groups, or individuals to commit to an annual donation of $500 or more to School Ministries for the next 5 years.

Each prayer and financial partner helps give back to local communities through supporting SMI. “Here on American soil every other religion is gaining coverts while Christianity is losing them.” Journal of the American Society for Church Growth, 2001.

Vision 200 will allow us to continue to grow

In the last decade, School Ministries has been growing at a rapid rate. Since 2001, we have seen an increase of 628%. This has averaged out to a rate of 18% per year. However, in 2013-2014, we saw a growth rate of 59.5%.

Over 35,000 students are served each year through our released Time affiliates. Your donation can help us reach more students in our nation with the hope of Jesus Christ!

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