We’re so glad you asked. It’s how public school students can spend part of their school day studying the Bible not just academically, but devotionally. Released Time is the only legal means to teach the Bible's content and life-application in the time between the first and last bell.

RTBE programs bring hope to youth. Too many of our nation’s children and young adults have never been to church, much less read the Bible. But things can be different in your community. School Ministries serves to educate, equip and encourage as you bring together Christian leaders and volunteers to offer the option of RTBE to your public school students.

Research outlined in Hardwired to Connect and Summary of Findings: National Council on Crime and Delinquency shows that RTBE students perform better both academically and behaviorally.

To learn the answers to questions like “Is Released Time legal?” And “Who benefits from Released Time?” Please visit our FAQ page.

Want to see how Released Time works in your state? ReleasedTime.org is the one-stop hub for state-specific details, including laws and guidelines.

Why is RTBE so needed?

  • Purpose and meaning for their lives beyond the accumulation of wealth or achievement of social and/or professional status.
  • Safe venues where they can ask deeply challenging and sensitive questions without fear of censure.
  • Bible education that prepares them to be responsible adults, contributing citizens and Godly examples.

Our children need people like YOU to care and commit to them through Released Time Bible Education. School Ministries cares and is committed to help you bring your community’s public students word of God’s love and love of God’s Word.

The challenge is real.

Will you follow God’s lead in this vital ministry effort in your community? Will you become a supporter in prayer or financial giving to grow God’s kingdom in your state and around the country?

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Abuse. Neglect. Drugs and alcohol. Hard home lives. Hopelessness. Our nation’s public school students face threats to their well-being -- and even lives -- at school, at home, from without and within, threats in numbers and severity that astonish. According to the most recent statistics from The Children’s Defense Fund, each day in America.

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4 children are killed by abuse or neglect. – every 5 ½ hours

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6 children or teens commit suicide – every 4 ½ hours

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690 babies are born to teen mothers – every 1 ½ minutes

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1,903 children are confirmed as abused or neglected – every 47 seconds

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2,857 high school students drop out – every 9 seconds

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3,617 children are arrested

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Every 3 ½ minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense

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Every 8 minutes a child is arrested for a violent offense

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12,816 public school students are suspended -- every 2 seconds

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