Independent research and experience demonstrates that children participating in Released Time programs do better academically and have fewer behavioral problems.

Released Time programs have a positive impact on the culture and success of public school students by teaching biblically-based character and leadership skills, engaging in prayer for and with students, reducing disciplinary issues, reducing violence, reducing vandalism, and increasing students’ sense of responsibility and self-respect.


Home and school situations differ, but most people want to be the best possible parents. Good grades are important but alone are not enough to ensure children will grow up to live happy and productive lives. When you entrust your student to caring Christians in your community, dedicated to sharing God’s Truth in love, you will see that Released Time Bible Education can lead to stronger academic performance and better behavior.


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Schools are challenged each day to prepare students to succeed both academically and behaviorally. How can students develop a strong work ethic so valued in today’s workforce? How can RTBE benefit schools?

  • Morally-Based Education, Near your School. Morally-based religious education can exist in cooperation with public schools and actually does so without interfering in church and state relationships. Schools can trust Released Time leaders to meet the need for regular character education, proven to encourage students to develop internal controls: to be honest, self-disciplined and respectful.
  • Improved Academic Performance. RTBE improves the odds of students’ success, and it doesn’t cost schools anything! Across the country, teachers and school administrators struggle with limited funds to improve students’ academic performance, while they experience pressure from federal and state government to raise test scores... all while managing the classroom. RTBE helps schools by decreasing behavioral issues and increasing academic performance.
  • Reduced Attrition. Released Time students perform better, have fewer behavioral issues, and thus are much more likely to stay in school than the average student. Parents who want their students to have a moral component to their education may be less inclined to enroll them in private schools or elect homeschool options.
    If you’d like support documents for positive results of RTBE, please contact us.


As our executive director, Ken Breivik says, there is a driving need for American churches to renew their commitment to reaching and discipling young people, and Released Time Bible Education is the most effective way of reaching children who otherwise would never enter a church. School Ministries’ role is to assist churches in those efforts.

How much do you care about reaching people with the Good News of God’s love for them? When you think about missions, do you think of the largest mission field in America: the unchurched public school students in your neighborhood schools? If not, we pray you’ll allow God to shift your perspective. How does Released Time, a multi-denominational effort, benefit churches?

  • More Children are Studying the Bible. Experience has shown that many parents who will not take their children to church, will sign them up for Released Time.
  • Many Students are Seeking a Church Home. RTBE classes bring public school students into an understanding of the Bible and into a relationship with Jesus Christ. When this happens, they are encouraged to get involved in a church which can help them grow in their faith.
  • More Parents are Coming to Church. It is common for students, after accepting Christ as their Savior, to start going to church -- bringing their parents with them.


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