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Released Time Education is flourishing in South Carolina - with SMI Released Time Education programs reaching more than 13,000 students a year. In addition, the state has a strong Released Time history. Some programs opened their doors to Released Time students more than 20 years ago! And South Carolina was the first state to grant high school credit for Released Time classes.

Headquartered in Columbia, SC, School Ministries is a nationwide organization that educates and equips Released Time Bible Education programs with the guidance and resources they need to grow. SMI was founded in South Carolina in 2001, and has since expanded in size by more than 325 percent!

The Released Time Education programs in South Carolina are growing steadily at a rate of 13 percent each year, with the hope of bringing the Good News of Christ to every public school child in the state.


School Ministries, Inc.
101 Rice Bent Way #6
Columbia, SC 29229
Phone: 803-772-5224
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