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Tales of Grace in a Time of Violence


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How Released Time Bible Education breaks the cycle of violence in our public schools and brings hope to youth

Tales of Grace in a Time of Violence takes you into the problems that American youth face daily.

This 36 page booklet provides a synopsis of research related to violence in society and evaluates ways that Released Time programs have helped reduce these problems. The booklet, complete with an array of research statistics and personal interviews, explains how RTBE can help transform the lives of youth and details the positive results that are seen in schools, communities, and churches that have been touched by Released Time. It also provides direction for those interested in getting involved in Released Time education.

As the culture becomes darker and darker, Released Time Bible Education becomes more and more important.  We are now reaching out to a generation of children who have no compass for right and wrong and are Biblically illiterate…a generation that is unchurched yet hungers for answers.  Now more than ever our public schools are ripe for harvest as a mission field and Released Time fills that need.

Finn Laursen, Executive Director of large teachers’ association