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Keeping It Legal: Released Time Religious Education: The Legal Foundation


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This easy-to-read document addresses the major legal issues that need to be accounted for when starting or implementing a Released Time education program. Carefully documented, it provides the historical and legal background of Released Time programs. It can be helpful in explaining the legality of Released Time education programs to church, community and school personnel. It makes clear what keeps a program legal.

Keeping It Legal brings together in one document the legal history of Released Time Religious Education and legal issues related to current program operations.

It includes a Q&A for often asked questions and is included in the First Steps Kit.

There is a driving need for American churches to renew their commitment to reading and disciplining young people, and Released Time Bible Education is the most effective way of reaching children who otherwise would never enter a church.  School Ministries’ role is to assist churches in those efforts.

Kenneth Breivik, School Ministries Executive Director