School Ministries Carolina's and Georgia Share and Learn Lunch
Friday, July 26th, 2019 Columbia SC
Please join us on Friday, July 26th in Columbia South Carolina at Shandon Baptist Church for a Share and Learn Lunch.
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SMI General 130426-1Bringing Hope to Youth through Released Time Bible Education summarizes how School Ministries partners with communities across America bringing hope and purpose to the lives of public school students through Christian Released Time Bible Education. This publication explains how RTBE is:

  • the only legal means for providing devosional Bible instruction to students of all ages during the school day.
  • a voluntary program that uses no tax dollars and is conducted off-campus and requires parental permission.

This brochure explains how School Ministries and RTBE programs are working together to help students succeed in school and in the community, living a more fulfilled life with Christ. This publication also highlights the benefits of School Ministries to RTBE through quality materials, training, conferences and networking opportunities.

 PRICES (PACKAGE OF 20): MEMBER: $10.00 / NONMEMBER: $12.50 / Shipping Per Item: $3.00



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