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Estate Assets Can Be Kingdom Assets


Why include School Ministries in your planned giving?

You can help spread the gospel, support Bible education, and impact future generations
The School Ministries 3:1 Vision is a 10-year strategic plan to rapidly spread the gospel through Released Time Bible Education in public schools to children and youth, reaching 250,000 students per year by 2030. Your planned giving can impact children and their families for many generations.


Adele Little with School Ministries and Allan Dunlap with Believers Stewardship Services discuss the benefits of planned giving. 

Did you know?

Instead of incurring taxable gains with IRA distributions or stock, real estate, and real property sales, you can donate to School Ministries and bring the Gospel to children and youth! In addition to your RMD, you can gift a larger portion of your qualified retirement account to School Ministries. In 2016, Congress instated the IRA Charitable Rollover, which allows IRA account owners to gift up to $100,000 from their account to a qualified charity in a calendar year.

To make a designated gift to School Ministries, contact your fund or retirement administrator, notifying them you would like to donate directly to School Ministries. Your administrator will need our formal address and Tax ID #:

Legal name: School Ministries
Address: 101 Rice Bent Way #6, Columbia, SC 29229
Tax ID number: 57-0942086 


We believe it starts with a Giving Strategy

You may have already given some thought to what God would have you do in stewarding the assets He has provided for you, but perhaps you have not yet developed a strategy.

School Ministries has partnered with Believers Stewardship Services (BSS) to help individuals create a plan that is friendly toward Christian convictions. BSS provides biblically-based estate design services tailored to your personal goals of taking care of your own needs, providing for your loved ones, and making a difference for the kingdom.

From the simplicity of a will, to the strategic plans of a Donor-Advised Fund, to the multiplying power of non-cash giving, you can develop solutions that result in less paperwork, fewer taxes, greater peace of mind, more impact for School Ministries, and ultimately ... more glory to God.


Benefits of Purposeful Planning

Establish a legacy of giving

School Ministries and Believers Stewardship Services can help you navigate and decide the options which are best for you. Some popular avenues for planned giving include:

• Bequeaths – Wills and Revocable Living Trusts
• Investments (including IRA distributions)
• Non-cash Giving – real estate, business interests, and other real property
• Donor-Advised Funds
• Charitable Gift Annuities
• Charitable Remainder Trusts

Intentional Kingdom Impact
Your plan can bless your children financially, help them navigate or avoid probate court, leave a legacy for them to follow, ensure they can make gifts in the manner you would most like, and give your children the joy of continuing your charitable giving to support School Ministries and the Lord’s work.

Less Taxes, More to Charity
It is a very loving thing to do for your family in preparing your annual giving and estate plan. Proper planning can save individuals thousands, even millions, of dollars in capital gains taxes, estate administration costs, and death taxes. Those savings not only care for the needs of their loved ones, but also for ministries, such as School Ministries, which are engaged in the Great Commission.

Get Your Estate in Order
It is recommended to review your estate plan at least every five years or after every major change in your life. If you have acquired or transferred real estate specifically mentioned in your existing estate plan, received an inheritance, are planning retirement, experienced a death in the family, changes in assets, purchase of additional life insurance, retirement plan significantly changing in value, property you own has significantly changed in value, contact us to help.

Tax Laws and Market Changes
We can help you stay up-to-date on estate planning strategies that can take advantage of the latest fluctuations in interest rates or relevant tax law.


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