School Ministries is here to help you start a Released Time program. Our ministry is to you. We assist Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs.

Start Here | First Steps Kit

The First Steps Kit is designed to put information about Released Time into the hands of potential leaders. Learn about the nuts and bolts of Released Time, build or expand a successful Released Time program, and educate others about how Released Time benefits their community and their nation. The items found in the kit:

  • Answer basic Released Time questions
  • Introduce ways to plan your program
  • Provide legal reassurance
  • Describe how the program brings hope and transformed lives to young people.

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New Program Checklist

If you’re ready to take the next steps to start a program, we encourage you to…

  1. Get off to a Great Start: Pray. Establish a pattern of worship and prayer that will continue throughout all steps of the development and implementation of a Released Time Bible Education program.
  2. Join School Ministries. Released Time Bible Education is a unique endeavor; we have the expertise and resources available to you to help you start strong, flourish and expand. Become a Member of School Ministries to receive access to key resources in our Members' Zone, events, discounts, and various opportunities to equip, educate and encourage you as part of the School Ministries family.
  3. Build a Winning Leadership Team. Develop a leadership team as well as a cadre of other committed individuals who will prayerfully carry out the research and development necessary to create a RTBE program.
  4. Do your Homework. Thoroughly investigate foundational matters (policy, legal, location, insurance, etc.) that affect your ability to launch a successful RTBE program in your community.
  5. Present for the Official OK. Consolidate the information obtained in Step 3 and present the results to decision-making officials in a professional way.
  6. Finalize the Details. Complete final planning in terms of staffing, training, curriculum, marketing, budget development, and fundraising prior to beginning the RTBE program.
  7. Prepare for Launch. Launch the RTBE program and carefully monitor and evaluate its progress.


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