VISION 200: 200 Churches. 200 New Released Time Programs. By 2030.


Churches reaching K-12 youth where they are -

public schools!


Most children in America will graduate high school with no eternal hope or purpose. 


We must GO to them. The time is NOW.



Christians have traditionally characterized missions as
evangelism to people outside our country.


However, with the moral and spiritual decline in America...

the approximate 50 million K-12 public school students in our midst
are now considered our largest mission field.










Most people, if not reached before they are 18, will not come to faith in Christ. The Barna Group reports that 2/3 of Christians come to faith before the age of 18; therefore, if we want to have the greatest effect, we need to reach students when they are young.

Over 75% of America’s youth do not attend religious services regularly and do not know the who Jesus Christ is and what He did for them. Only 25% of youth aged 18 and under attend religious services on a weekly basis, and this includes ALL religions. Therefore, less than 25% receive truths from Bible-based churches.

Communities with the most need for the gospel to be presented are the least able to deliver it through their struggling churches. Christians and churches in poverty-stricken communities are hanging on by thin threads financially and need outside resources to provide outreach opportunities to local youth.

The Good News of Jesus Christ is the answer. 


A little-known law called Released Time Religious Education is the way.



Released Time Religious Education is the legal means by which an academic and devotional Christian Bible class can be offered to K-12 public school students DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. The classes are offered as an elective and at no cost to the school, parents, or students.

Released Time law allows classes to operate legally as long as classes are:

  • Held off school grounds
  • Use only private dollars and no government funds
  • Parental permission is provided

Christians across America have been successfully using Released Time Bible Education as a legal means to reach public school students during the school day for over 100 years!

How can you strategically reach youth in your community?

“Where are the majority of youth congregating? 88% of America’s children attend public schools each day,
so strategically, I cannot think of a better plan to reach this next generation than by providing
Released Time Bible Education for your local school.
The average School Ministries Released Time Bible Education program
500-1000 students per year.
Many programs report 25% of students decide to follow Jesus!

Where else do you get that rate of return?!”

Ken Breivik, Executive Director of School Ministries

Does your church desire to reach more students in the community? 

Churches often wish more children and youth would attend their weekly events. How do churches engage the large population of children who are not attending church regularly? By going to where they are! 

As unchurched students attend RTBE classes, it is not uncommon for them to develop a relationship with Jesus and start going to church, bringing parents and siblings along with them. Released Time programs connect students with churches and churches with students. Churches can grow in membership, and students and families can grow in Jesus through the discipleship and fellowship found in local churches. 




Start a Released Time Program

clockChurches often have many of the resources needed already in place and can partner with other churches to get an even stronger start. We will provide the tools, education, and support you need.

Support a Released Time Program

heart and handConsider other communities as part of your mission field. Prayerfully consider being one of 200 churches to include School Ministries in your annual missions budget at $500 or more for three years.



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