God is moving mightily in our nation to open doors for Released Time Bible Education. Children are coming into a loving, saving relationship with Jesus, and God’s Kingdom is expanding. Our ministry is to you. We assist Christians across the country to start, sustain and grow Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs.

A Release Time educator trains local staff to effectively reach children in their area.Two types of programs that typically become School Ministries members are:

  1. New or future programs
  2. Established RTBE programs

Why should an established RTBE program become a School Ministries Member?

Independent programs can face legal and logistical challenges -- some known and some unknown -- difficult to overcome without resources and experienced guidance from a national organization like School Ministries. Being part of School Ministries, a national Released Time network, also provides extensive prayer cover.

What does a new or future program have to gain from joining the School Ministries family?

With more than a quarter-century’s experience at the national and local levels, School Ministries is ideally suited to help you start, grow and keep your program legal, effective and instrumental in introducing students to Jesus. Whether you’re an established program or just getting started, we’d love for you to join our family.

Click here to apply for membership.

Members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Members’ Zone: Gain access to articles, documents, presentations and forms that can allow you and your program’s teachers, board members and administrators to benefit from the successes of other RTBE programs.
  • Consultation: Ask questions and receive equipping and advice from our expert team. We believe it’s better to know and follow best practices than to unwittingly operate in a way which invites legal challenge.
  • Discounted Professional Development: Attend informative and inspirational events, webinars and workshops at a discounted rate.
  • Networking and Fellowship: Connect with other Released Time Bible Education leaders in your state and around the country through Facebook, state gatherings and our National Conference.
  • Insurance: Secure key insurance coverage with special rates exclusive to the family of School Ministries, including General Liability and Directors’ & Officers’ insurance (both mandatory), as well as for Student Accident Insurance (optional). An explanation of additional state/local insurance requirements and considerations is available in our Members’ Zone.
  • Background Checks: Run backgrounds checks on your volunteers and teachers at discounted rates through our National contract with the leading provider for churches and ministries.

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