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If you would prefer to mail a check click here for a printable form. Or you may call us at 803-772-5224 to make arrangements for your contribution. Many children who live in homes where no one goes to church, will never hear of Christ’s love unless you help.

What will you give to save a child for eternity?

There is a pressing need to expand Released Time Bible Education. We are losing generations of children who are in families who do not attend church, and Released Time classes are their best chance for being saved and brought into church membership. We can’t be sure how long the door of opportunity to conduct RTBE programs will stay open.

Christ has commissioned us to go and teach people now—not some day in the future; and research by the Barna Research Group adds still greater urgency to this call. It documents that two out of three born again Christians accept Jesus Christ as their Savior before their 18th birthday. If children’s hearts are not reached now, they may never be. You can help by offering up prayers for School Ministries and asking God’s guidance in what financial support He may be asking you to give to save a child.

As the culture becomes darker and darker, Released Time Bible Education becomes more and more important.  We are now reaching out to a generation of children who have no compass for right and wrong and are Biblically illiterate…a generation that is unchurched yet hungers for answers.  Now more than ever our public schools are ripe for harvest as a mission field and Released Time fills that need.

Finn Laursen, Executive Director of large teachers’ association