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SMIBoard2017 0006 RobertSullivanRobert C. Sullivan recently joined Believers Stewardship Services (BSS) as President and Chief Executive Officer. BSS is a non-profit organization that helps Christians accomplish their financial and estate planning goals in fulfilling biblical stewardship. Previously, Rob was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley where he had worked as an Information Security Officer and then as an Information Risk Officer. In 2003, Rob founded Christian Evidences Ministries. This is an apologetics based ministry whose purpose is to equip Christians so that they are "ready to give a defense to everyone who asks a reason for the hope that is within" (I Peter 3: 15).  He is also involved in various charitable organizations and serves on the boards of a number of ministries. He is the Board President of Associates for Biblical Research - a professional archaeological society. He is Vice Chairman of Emmaus Bible College located in Dubuque, Iowa. Rob makes his home in Yonkers, NY with his wife Susie.

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