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SMIN-Photos 0000s 0017 41193We want you to become a member!

If you are currently running a Released Time program, you are at the core of why we exist. In its early days School Ministries ran only local Released Time programs; but soon realized that the only way for Released Time to flourish was to find the best practices and build a community of Released Time providers.

Let us give you a few reasons why joining School Ministries will benefit your program.

  • We can help you grow! For more than a decade School Ministries has been supporting the efforts of Christian Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) across the country. Since 2001, School Ministries programs have grown by about 216% in the number of students served!
  • Training, Networking and Technical Support! School Ministries offers special opportunities for members, including a discount to the SMI annual conference. We also have a staff that will research questions and issues specific to your program. Getting the right answers to these questions might make the difference between a growing and successful program and having to close your doors.
  • Member Zone Access! All members have access to the Members’ Zone section of our website which can only be accessed by SMI members. The Members’ Zone has sample forms, articles and documents all related to the successful running of RTBE programs.
  • Discounts on Released Time related insurance!. One of the biggest needs that many local programs have is insurance. It is not just getting insurance at a good price, but having the confidence that your policy will cover most of the areas where a program will need coverage. School Ministries policies are periodically reviewed by experts in the field to help maintain the optimal balance of coverage and cost. (Not available in all states.)
  • We keep you up-to-date on the latest developments regarding Released Time operations! Due to the continuous changes of schools and the courts, whenever there is a significant change to how Released Time programs should operate we keep our members abreast of current best practices and needed policy changes.

SMIN-Photos 0000s 0007 iStock 000006230953SmallLastly, we hope that there is one additional benefit that will encourage you and your program to join School Ministries. It is because you have seen the benefits in your own community and share our vision to expand Released Time across the country.

Every new program that operates legally helps us build a movement that will increase the visibility and acceptance of Released Time. The membership cost ($350 a year) is used to fund this effort and to conduct and develop new resources for your program and others.

As part of the process to become a new member, we would like to start by getting to know you and your program. Please click Contact Us to e-mail School Ministries regarding your interest in becoming a member so that we can contact you.

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