With more than a quarter-century’s experience, we are here to guide you at the local level.
Our ministry is to you. We assist Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs.

Consultation and Coaching

Contact us -- we have the technical expertise and legal backing to help Christians like you in communities like yours bring your public school students word of God’s love and love of God’s Word. Our goal is to provide you guidance at whatever stage, all along the way: at the beginning, after your RTBE program is in full swing, or as you look to expand, including:

  • Recommending templates for legal document preparation and filing
  • Preparing stakeholder presentations -- parents, school and community officials, churches
  • Identifying opportunities to expand your program
  • Navigating challenges that are sure to come along
  • Auditing your policies and procedures to ensure your program is bulletproof
  • Discerning how to strengthen your community’s support of your RTBE program… and more!

Members’ Zone Resources

Members’ Zone is the local leaders’ go-to resource: a hub of documents, templates and articles you need to build and maintain a healthy and growing RTBE program. This time-saving collection will help you benefit from the successes of other programs. Not a member? Join today to access Members’ Zone.

Research for Building the Case

Our online store has helpful research and other great tools to help you build the case for RTBE in your community. Be prepared to answer common questions and give encouraging statistics for the changes in students’ lives brought about through RTBE.

Insurance to Keep your Program Covered

As our Executive Director says, honoring God is not just our work with the students, but how we conduct that work. To gain confidence that your program is operating correctly, be certain you have necessary protections in place, like insurance. We can guide you as you research the major different types. School Ministries members can get strong coverage at special rates.

Connection with other Practitioners

Our statewide RTBE connections can help you start -- and thrive -- every step of the way. We’ll introduce you to trusted leaders from your state or nearby who will share best practices and insights. Be educated, equipped and encouraged as you build your network of Released Time leaders in the field alongside you, bringing word of God’s love and love of God’s Word to public school students.


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