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Public School Students are Studying the Bible Academically and Devotionally During the School Day

Did you know it is legal for public school students to study the Bible, learn its life applications, and develop a walk with Christ - during the school day?

"Released Time" is legal and constitutional when three things are in place:

  1. Instruction takes place off school grounds;
  2. Students' attendance is voluntary and with parental permission; and
  3. No state or federal resources (taxpayer funds) are used. Released Time is privately funded - by churches, community organizations, and/or individuals.

Children participating in Released Time programs do better academically and have fewer behavioral problems. School Ministries programs bring hope and purpose to youth, prepare them to be responsible adults, contributing citizens, and Godly examples.

How You Can Join the Movement

Join with other Christians to provide Bible classes in your community.

Our Ministry is to YOU.  We assist Christians across the country to start, sustain, and grow Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) programs. We come alongside members to Equip, Educate, and Encourage.  Whether you're new to Released Time, or a veteran leader, teacher, volunteer, or administrator, we'd love to connect.

Support our mission to provide Bible classes across the nation to more students. 

We have a vision to reach 250,000 students each year by 2030.  Most public school students do not attend church or have an opportunity to study the Bible.  Your support can make a difference in the lives of these students.  Any gift, no matter the size, helps us grow with your support.

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